AI-Assisted Medical Scribing

PredictionHealth in 60 Seconds

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Get home on time and don't take documentation with you

High quality, hassle free documentation

Easy to Get Started

All we need to connect to your EHR is a scribe-level login.

 PredictionHealth how it works

How It Works

• Tap a button on your laptop or mobile device

• Your conversation is processed using proprietary machine learning and natural language processing technology

• US-based scribes review each encounter to ensure high quality documentation

• Your documentation is loaded back into your EHR for review and sign-off

We anonymously survey our clients once per quarter. Here is what they've had to say.

They are so wonderful and care about good quality documenting and are very good about correcting technology issues quickly and efficiently.

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Helps me enjoy my job better my doing less of what I don't like - documenting!

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You are an amazing team to work with and I have often found myself surprised and impressed by how carefully you respond to my needs. Would definitely recommend to ANY physician; such a gamer-changer.

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The people you have following me are top notch. Absolutely amazing the way the are able to capture the important subject matter and lay out my impressions, recommendations, and interventions.

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PredictionHealth has been vital to my success over the past year due to allowing me to focus on the other things besides documenting - all the other job duties that are a needed focus for directing a clinic.

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I have been able to step into an additional administrative role within our company, which I never would have taken if not for PredictionHealth. I have also been able to bonus every quarter since using PredictionHealth - even through the pandemic.

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