"Practice Intel offers everything Clinic Directors need to effectively run their clinic.” - Chief Clinical Officer, Mike Fox



Founded in 2015, Motion PT Group provides cutting edge physical, occupational, and speech therapy to clients of all ages. With 59 clinics across Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, and New York, Motion transforms the lives of over 30,000 of patients each year. Their mission to empower their clients to “live life in motion" drives the company to recruit the best therapists and provide them the training and technology necessary to ensure excellence. 

The Challenge

Like many physical therapy practices across the country, Motion’s compliance program was largely based on chart reviews by random sampling and other periodic audits. But sampling can only provide so much value, and with compliance regulations often changing year to year it was not easy keeping the entire staff up to speed. Ultimately, Motion lacked their desired visibility into how well their therapists were documenting patient visits. Additionally, Motion leadership at times found it difficult to understand certain therapists’ coding patterns or if patients were finishing their full plan of care. This meant often patients were at times not receiving the most complete care and large amounts of revenue were being left on the table. 

Why PT Practice Intel

Given Motion’s dedication to providing optimal care to their patients while running an efficient and profitable business, along with the company’s long-term goal of being a desirable target for acquisition, leadership knew they needed a solution. Fortunately, Motion connected with PredictionHealth and began to test out its new AI-automated compliance tool, PT Practice Intel. This allowed the leadership team to experience the power of artificial intelligence first hand and they were quickly wowed by the product.

Chief Clinical Officer Mike Fox is a big supporter of the platform. “PT Practice Intel provides practice leadership unprecedented insights into the practice as a whole,” said Mike. “For Clinic Directors, it is an enormous value in that through entirely automated assessments they’ve got a pulse on critical KPI’s for each of the therapists they manage. With the exhaustive library of analytics Practice Intel offers, they have everything they need to effectively run their clinic”.

A Revolutionary tool for Compliance

An immediate outcome for Motion was the level of transparency gained by the compliance analysis of 100% of therapists’ notes. Having access to therapist documentation compliance scores allowed Compliance professionals within Motion and Clinic Directors to focus time and energy on the bottom scoring 20% of therapists to help them improve. The platform allows Clinic Directors and therapists to see exactly what elements of their documentation do not meet Medicare compliance guidelines for targeted intervention. The specific and customized suggestions for improvement offered in the Provider Snapshots saved Clinic Directors time in training therapists and allowed therapists to take independent action and track their improvement over time. 

Return on Investment

In previous years, Motion hired compliance consultants to perform chart audits, which would cost approximately $70,000 per year. Not only is this cost now eliminated, but Practice Intel provides 100% transparency whereas the human auditor consultants could only reasonably get to a small percentage of notes for review.  

PT Practice Intel’s CPT coding analytics have also been a tremendous asset. Through the platform, Motion was able to identify a subset of providers that had higher than expected coding of one particular CPT code, that happened to be one of the lower reimbursed codes. After some investigation, it was uncovered that a default template setting in the EMR was the culprit. After some simple coaching of therapists’ coding behavior, there has been a corrective shift and therapists are now utilizing the appropriate code for the skilled interventions they are providing.

Another benefit was the ability to accurately track visits per episode of care. Through the AI-analysis, Motion discovered that on average their retention rates were lower than desired or appropriate for patients to have the best chance at successful outcomes. Having the ability to break down episodes of care with PT Practice Intel’s robust filter set allowed leadership to dig into the why episodes were in certain circumstances coming short of the full planned episode, and create actionable changes.

Preparing for acquisition

As a successful and growing organization, Motion received inquiries regarding a potential acquisition. Over the course of 2022, Motion’s leadership began entertaining offers. An added, although unexpected, benefit of PT Practice Intel is that a large portion of the “pitch deck” Motion would submit to interested parties were analytics and graphs directly from PT Practice Intel. 

“PT Practice Intel gave us an unprecedented level of analytics to present in the due diligence process. As the platform incorporates 100% of our charts, we were confident in the data being presented and could slice the information however the other side wanted. Additionally, being able to give full transparency into our compliance program gave interested parties an added layer of comfort that they weren’t walking into a mess in terms of compliance.” said CEO Ed Miersch.

We can help you too

PT Practice Intel’s proprietary AI technology analyzes every word of every sentence across 100% of therapists’ charts to improve documentation compliance, identify billing inefficiencies, reduce administrative chart review by hundreds of hours, and more. We become a part of your team to automate compliance and boost revenue all while reducing staff burnout and turnover. 


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