"I have taken so much of my personal time back from my job ... This service is life changing. I don't know where I would be without it."



McKinnley is a Physician Assistant at Middletown Medical practicing in Family Medicine and Urgent Care. Like many healthcare providers, McKinnley used to spend a large amount of time properly documenting notes from her patient encounters each day. Since she started utilizing PredictionHealth's AI-assisted scribing solutions, her life has changed.

The Challenge

Working in several locations within Middletown Medical and seeing upwards of 20+ patients per day, McKinnley's days are quite busy. And like many selfless healthcare providers, McKinnley preferred to save much of the documentation busy-work for the end of the day or after hours so that she could give her full attention to patients during their appointments. No good deed goes unpunished, and McKinnley was left with a mountain of documentation tasks at the end of each day.

To ensure her notes met her desired level of quality and thoroughness, McKinnley would spend hours at night and even on weekends catching up on documentation. Very regularly, this would interfere with her ability to enjoy life outside of work. While she loved taking great care of her patients, she struggled with the many lost nights and weekends to keep up with the associated documentation.

Why PredictionHealth

After losing weekend after weekend to catch up on work, she knew she needed to make a change. After hearing about PredictionHealth from colleagues, she took advantage of the Free Trial offering. That process gave McKinnley the ability to 'try before you buy' and become familiar with the PredictionHealth team, the workflow, and be comfortable with the value. Expectations were not only matched, but exceeded.

"Going into the trial with PredictionHealth, I was nervous due to the fact that I had never worked with a scribing service before. During the trial phase, the team at PredictionHealth was so helpful and considerate. They worked with me in regards to making sure my notes were the way I wanted them and worked tirelessly to make sure they almost completely matched how I was doing my own notes before. Their team has also been wonderful in taking any feedback I have had. Even to this day, when I message the team using the chat function, they are quick to get back to me, let me know they got the note and are acting on my feedback. By the end of the trial, I was so happy with my service with PredictionHealth that I was emailing the team and my company head to see how soon I could get started with the full service. I did not want to go back to how I was doing notes before, and thankfully I did not have to!"

The Result

Working hours and hours on nights and weekends are now a thing of the past. McKinnley is able to simply click 'Start' at the beginning of a patient encounter, click 'Stop' at the end, and a few hours later a thorough and accurate clinical documentation appears like magic right into her EHR.

"The service is so easy to use. I walk into the patient room, hit the 'Start' button on the website, and it starts recording the visit. I am able to just go into the room and talk with my patients, make eye contact and truly listen to them, and have it all transmitted into a note. I am happier that I get more time with my patients and my patients are happier, as well. The notes have been able to be curated into almost an identical way I would have formatted them doing it myself, and if I notice something is not how I would normally do it, I just send the team a message on the chat function and they are able to note it and make changes in a very timely manner. The attention to detail is impressive.

Sometimes the AI-assisted scribing solution will pick up on something that the patient and I talked about, that I completely forgot about and would have forgotten to mention in my note if I went home and dictated it myself. This service has been so beneficial and helpful to me and my practice and I have colleagues who use the service and feel the same way."

What used to take McKinnley up to 20 minutes per patient has been cut down to roughly one minute per patient by PredictionHealth’s AI-assisted scribing solution.

"I have taken so much of my own personal time back from my job and am now able to enjoy weekends with my family and friends and do activities after work that aren’t notes. This service is life changing. I don’t know where I would be without it.

I have had many changes at work in the past year and am currently in three different office locations, seeing an average of 20 patients per day, so having the scribing solution has made my work days so much easier and less stressful. I have no more work stress about my notes and getting them done in a timely fashion. This service is incredible."

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PredictionHealth Team

PredictionHealth Team

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