We save therapists hours per day and get the computer out of the way

Our AI scribe captures clinical documentation so that therapists can focus on their patients and be more productive. 

Service Pays For Itself 12x Over

Physical therapist greeting patient

Generate More Revenue

Use saved time to see more patients.

See one extra patient per week to pay for the platform.

See one extra patient per day to yield a 12x ROI!

Get your life back

No more compliance issues

Easy and Quick to Get Started

All we need to connect to your EHR is a scribe-level login

PredictionHealth how it works

How It Works

• Just click 'Start' on your laptop or mobile device to begin recording your conversation with the patient.

• Your patient conversation and post-visit dictation are securely processed by PredictionHealth.

• Get a real-time, AI documentation compliance assessment and add any quick dictations to ensure a compliant note.

• Your documentation is loaded back into the EHR for review and sign-off.