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Boost documentation compliance and optimize practice efficiency

Our PT Practice Intel solution delivers easily digestible and actionable analytics to improve documentation compliance and optimize operational and financial efficiency. Automatically analyze and identify areas for targeted intervention, reduce administrative chart reviews by hundreds of hours, decrease burnout, and much more.

We become a part of your team to automate compliance and increase revenue.

Bob and Jessica Bacci of Bacci and Glinn Physical Therapy

"PT Practice Intel is the most significant thing that has happened in Physical Therapy in the last 20 years. This will change the industry for the better. It'll be integral to our business operations into the future. If you're not using PT Practice Intel, you're missing out."

- Bob and Jessica Bacci of Bacci & Glinn Physical Therapy

PT Practice Intel AI scanning every note in the EMR

What Makes Us Different

Other KPI reporting tools only use some of the structured data from your EMR. What makes PT Practice Intel unique is the ability to analyze both the structured and the unstructured free-form text from every note in the EMR to ensure full transparency into your practice.

Daniel Hirsch, DPT, CHA, OHCC, COCAS

"PredictionHealth allows for each therapist to gain insight into strengths and weaknesses of every single note by leveraging AI. By identifying errors and avoidable mistakes in billing, this tool can help save staff precious time and avoid denials and penalties."

-Daniel Hirsch, DPT, CHA, OHCC, COCAS

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Smarter healthcare for providers; Outstanding patient care

Clinicians and administrators spend hours per week writing documentation and sifting through charts with little insight into how efficiently or compliantly their practice is operating.

Current systems slow rehab therapy down. Our aim is to leverage artificial intelligence to streamline clinicians’ and administrators’ workflows to increase efficiency and improve patient care, all while reducing burnout and turnover.