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Boost documentation compliance, optimize practice efficiency, and achieve clinical excellence

Our PT Practice Intel solution delivers easily digestible and actionable dashboards and reporting to boost documentation compliance, optimize practice efficiency, and improve clinical excellence. Automatically analyze every therapist note, reduce administrative chart reviews by hundreds of hours, free up time for therapists to see more patients, and much more.

We become a part of your team to automate compliance and increase revenue.

Daniel Hirsch, DPT, CHA, OHCC, COCAS

"PredictionHealth allows for each therapist to gain insight into strengths and weaknesses of every single note by leveraging AI. By identifying errors and avoidable mistakes in billing, this tool can help save staff precious time and avoid denials and penalties."

- Daniel Hirsch, DPT, CHA, OHCC, COCAS

Doctor returning home to family

Hands-free documentation from your normal patient conversation

Our AI-Assisted Scribing service handles your documentation using a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and US-based remote curator review. We convert your patient encounters into comprehensive notes so you can set your EHR aside and focus on your patients, family, hobbies, and everything else that's important to you.

Offloading the documentation burden for clinicians in family medicine, pediatrics, orthopedics, behavioral health, and urology.

Dr Aspen Calkins

"PredictionHealth creates great comprehensive notes. It cuts down significantly on time spent writing and finishing notes. This has been a huge factor in my overall work load and well-being. The scribes are really great at capturing and making a clear and organized HPI out of even a long complicated story. They catch elements that even I would possibly miss."

- Dr. Aspen Calkins, Family Medicine

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Hassle Free and High Quality

All of our products are easy to use, require minimal (if any) integration from your IT department, and there is no extensive training for clinicians.

We know, it sounds too good to be true. Request a demo today and see for yourself!

Mckinnley Conklin, PA

"The service is so easy to use. I am able to just go into the room and talk with my patients, make eye contact and truly listen to them, and have it all transmitted into a note. The notes have been curated into an almost identical way I would have formatted them doing it myself. The attention to detail is impressive. "

- McKinnley Conklin, PA-C, Family Medicine/Urgent Care

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Our Mission: Outstanding, Efficient Patient Care

Clinicians can spend over half their day on the computer instead of focusing on patients. Administrators spend hours per week sifting through charts with little insight into how efficiently their practices are operating. 

Current systems slow healthcare down. Our aim is to leverage machine learning to streamline clinicians' and administrators' workflows to improve patient care and increase efficiency, all while reducing busywork and decreasing burnout. 

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