AI-assisted scribes to save doctors three hours per day.

Trusted by clinics and partners nationwide.


PredictionHealth in 60 seconds

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Get home on time and leave your documentation at work

We handle your documentation using AI-assisted technology – converting your patient conversations into notes and more.

Set your EHR aside so you can focus on your patients and everything else that's important to you.

Dr. Calkins

PredictionHealth cuts down significantly on time spent writing and finishing notes. This has been a huge factor in my overall work load and well-being.

- Dr. Aspen Calkins, Family Medicine

Frustrated Back Office Manager

Make value-based programs easier

Exceed your value based care goals even as rules keep changing. We help you participate in shared savings programs like Accountable Care Organization (ACO) or bundled payments.

Make delivering high quality, cost-efficient care for every patient a routine part of a practice.

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I am able to address and discuss more problems. The extra problem mentioned at the end of the visit is quickly dealt with because it’s captured and documented by PredictionHealth.

- Dr. Scott Marquard, Family Medicine

Doctor Relaxing

No Stress. It just works.

Never retrain a scribe again. Our AI learns your documentation style, and it's easy to use with just one click. Get started in days with our simple set up.


PredictionHealth actually saves me 3 hours a day. I'm home by 5:30pm.

- Dr. Jason Mensah, Psychiatry

Our Mission: Outstanding, Efficient Patient Care

Doctors spend over half their day on the computer instead of focusing on their patients.

Current systems slow doctors down. They often have to hire expensive scribes to get through the day efficiently.

Our mission is to leverage the patient data we capture to streamline the doctor’s workflow and help improve patient care.