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Improved compliance score by 20% + coding breakdown by 60%

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Increased revenue per visit by 15%

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Identified a 75% coding inaccuracy

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Stop Documenting on Evenings and Weekends

With Sidekick, dive into the future of documentation with AI-powered Ambient Listening and Smart Dictation, and say goodbye to after-hours paperwork. It delivers the time savings you want with the compliance quality you need. 

In addition to AI Scribing, Sidekick differentiates itself versus any others with real-time CPT coding feedback to reduce denial risk and ensure optimal reimbursements.

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"With PredictionHealth, the AI is harnessed right inside the EMR. From a standpoint of efficiency, PH Sidekick has sped up my note process by 70-75%."

- Zach Smith of HIDEF Physical Therapy

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Fight the cuts, boost revenue, and ensure compliance

Practice Intel links with your EMR to analyze 100% of your therapist's notes. Every word of every sentence is processed, delivering actionable insights into several different areas of your practice. Bye-bye peer reviews and internal audits!

Some of our insights include:

  • "CPT Insights" - Does your documentation support the use of a different CPT code versus the one you used (think TA vs TE)? Optimize your CPT coding and make sure you get paid for what you're actually doing.
  • "Coding Efficiency" - Are your therapists leaving full units on the table due to inefficient minute allocation or misunderstanding of payer rules (Total Minute vs AMA Rule)? Capture additional units and significantly boost revenue.
  • Documentation Compliance - Would your notes stand up to an audit? Where can you improve? 0-100 scoring across 13 component categories ensure you feel confident that your documentation would pass an audit. 

Other insights include copy-forward rates, over/under documentation, time to sign off, and more! Personalized provider and clinic snapshots highlight opportunities with examples on how to improve.

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"PT Practice Intel is the most significant thing that has happened in Physical Therapy in the last 20 years. This is changing the industry for the better. If you're not using PT Practice Intel, you're missing out."

- Bob and Jessica Bacci of Bacci & Glinn Physical Therapy


What Makes Us Different

With Practice Intel and Sidekick at your side, its like having a perfect biller, a compliance expert, and a master clinical therapist with you all day, enhancing your efficiency.

KPI reporting tools only use some of the structured data from your EMR (dropdowns, checkboxes, etc). Many scribing tools only bring that one piece of the puzzle to bear.

What makes PredictionHealth unique is its ability to analyze both the structured and the unstructured free-form text from every note in the EMR, paired with its unprecedented experience with CPT coding and Compliance in the PT/OT space.

Daniel Hirsch, DPT, CHA, OHCC, COCAS

"PredictionHealth allows for each therapist to gain insight into strengths and weaknesses of every single note by leveraging AI. By identifying errors and avoidable mistakes in billing, this tool can help save staff precious time and avoid denials and penalties."

-Daniel Hirsch of Risk & Compliance Analytics

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