On a mission to make smarter healthcare

Doctor returning home to family

Get home on time and leave your documentation at work

We handle your documentation using AI-assisted technology – converting your patient conversations into notes and more.

Set your EHR aside so you can focus on your patients and everything else that's important to you.

lauren dunphy, DPT

"PredictionHealth is amazing and I am SO thankful for your assistance with evaluations!"

- Lauren Dunphy, DPT, Physical Therapy

Happy compliance officer

Increase Compliance

Take comfort in the fact that we capture every detail of the patient encounter. Use saved time to address additional patient concerns that historically would not have fit into a patient visit.

Our physical therapy products include an instantaneous compliance check feature, revealing missing pieces of your note within seconds to ensure every note is Medicare compliant. Real-time compliance dashboards offer compliance visibility across multiple therapists and clnics.

Dr Scott Marquard

"I am able to address and discuss more problems. The extra problem mentioned at the end of the visit is quickly dealt with because it’s captured and documented by PredictionHealth."

- Dr. Scott Marquard, Family Medicine

Doctor relaxing with coffee on computer

Hassle Free and High Quality

Just an EHR login is needed to get started in days, not weeks. Our AI learns your documentation style and it's easy to use with just one click. Try for free on us!

Mckinnley Conklin, PA

"The service is so easy to use. I am able to just go into the room and talk with my patients, make eye contact and truly listen to them, and have it all transmitted into a note. The notes have been curated into an almost identical way I would have formatted them doing it myself. The attention to detail is impressive. "

- McKinnley Conklin, PA-C, Family Medicine/Urgent Care

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Our Mission: Outstanding, Efficient Patient Care

Clinicians can spend over half their day on the computer instead of focusing on their patients.

Current systems slow clinicians down. Our mission is to leverage the patient data we capture to streamline the clinician’s workflow and help improve patient care.