A massive patient chart – 100 pages get dumped on your desk. Now what? Imagine 1,000,000 or 100,000,000 pages across thousands of patients! How do you find the information you need to take great care of each patient?

Human Review is Slow and Expensive

Chart Review for Research

Not everyone has an army of med students to do chart reviews to track down and organize data from the messy, unstructured clinical notes and PDFs of faxed records. It’s not cheap - med students regularly sign up for this $20/hr gig. A small study can easily cost over $10,000, requiring 100s of hours of chart review.


Pre-Charting for Patient Care

Clinic workflows aren’t much better. Doctors spend nights and weekends pre-charting, manually tracking down and preparing for each of the 100 patients they’re scheduled to see. Reviewing, summarizing, and listing key tasks for each patient. Some doctors are fortunate and have wonderful nurses hired to help.


Quality, Compliance, & Value Based Care

Nurses and Medical Assistants care for patients and also help health systems, payers, and other organizations measure quality of care. They are paid up to $40/hr to track down data for value based care programs, clinical research, and legal proceedings.


Human review can limit the scope of what can be extracted from medical charts. In addition to hiring, training, you still don’t have the ability to pull everything you might ideally want. 


Leveraging Our AI to Find What You Need

PredictionHealth is building a suite of AI models to deliver our AI-assisted scribe service, generating documentation for doctors to save time. To accomplish this, we have built models to start extracting details from the conversation and patient history. Our AI models, can also process patient charts and faxed outside records to organize patient charts and extract key information.


We can help you process patient charts by extracting the key information that you need, when you need it.


PredictionHealth can organize patient charts and extract specific details. We keep track of the original location so you can easily review without sifting through 1,000s of pages. We then can turn the specific extracted details into actionable tasks to make sure each patient gets great, high-value care. We can process all kinds of information from hospital records, specialist notes, pathology or radiology reports, lab results, and more. 


Need data extracted from thousands of patient charts? Reach out for a free consultation today.

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Ravi Atreya, MD, PhD

Ravi Atreya, MD, PhD

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