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AI-assisted scribes to save doctors three hours per day.

Never retrain a scribe again
Built to learn and fit each doctor’s style.

Easy, one-click notes
One button to start and stop, so you and your staff can focus on other things. And, our system doesn't need benefits or sick days – it's always there when you need it.

Works with telehealth & safer during a pandemic
We can work with any telehealth solution. Our remote service also helps protect your patients, doctors, and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic by reducing the number of people needed in-person.

Easy and fast HIPAA-compliant set up
All we need to get set up is a scribe-level EHR login account to get started in days, not weeks.

More cost-effective
Our machine learning and natural language processing makes our remote scribes nearly half the cost of a traditional in-person scribe.

Support value-based care
Our AI helps capture structured elements that can support compliance with value based care coding and documentation requirements.

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