Why Documentation? Why now?

PredictionHealth’s mission is to make healthcare better and more efficient by helping doctors and artificial intelligence (AI) work together. AI can free doctors to focus on their patients while processing millions of data points to work its computational magic and ensure every patient gets the best care. Medical documentation is just the first stepping stone. Starting with documentation provides clinicians with a service that makes them really happy. 

When Ravi and I started the MD/PhD program together back in 2009, we wanted to walk into the room with an AI-helper that listens, writes our notes, and surfaces helpful information. We learned how to wrangle patient data to generate new insights, but that takes weeks or months for each case. All of this should be easy. It’s the dream we’ve been working towards this whole time.

What our customers think about PredictionHealth

A service that saves clinicians hours per day already has been a great place to start and every positive bit of feedback brings a smile to our faces and an extra bit of bounce to our steps. 

Some gems include:

“PredictionHealth helps me enjoy my job better by doing less of what I don't like, documenting!”

“Such a game changer!”

“It has made my life so much easier.”

"When a patient brings up an extra problem or two at the end of the visit, this is no longer an annoying burden. Instead of having to tell the patient that they need to schedule another appointment because they are in a rush to document and get to the next patient, they can now stay and chat with the patient without any worries."

We free them to focus on what matters most during each visit – the person in front of them. We also give them back time to spend with their friends and families, doing everything else they love.

Where are we going with this?

Handling documentation provides our AI models with the data necessary to learn what’s happening during each visit and how great doctors take care of people. Right now these models are simple, but they build on each other, getting “smarter” and more capable. Imagine a system that can learn from every single patient encounter, so that even if a clinician has only seen tens of thousands of patients in their career (of course no small feat!) they can walk in with a tool that has learned from hundreds of millions of patients.

The super secret master plan

It will take some time for us to get there, but every big ambitious journey starts with a small step. Just like Tesla had their super secret master plan to help accelerate the shift to sustainable energy, we have one, too:

  • Health is essential
  • Affordability enables accessibility (cellphones)
  • Trained AI models are much cheaper, running for the price of electricity
  • Automate documentation so doctors can focus on patients!
  • Learn from the documentation to make better models
  • Expand our AI-toolkit to scale across the healthcare landscape - using Prediction to improve Health for everyone

For the PredictionHealth Team, this is why we keep marching on day after day. Our customers are a critical part of this journey and we couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you for following along with the PredictionHealth journey – Let’s make healthcare awesome!

Pedro and Ravi


Get in touch with us to learn more about using PredictionHealth in your clinic. We’d love to hear from you. And, if you're interested in a career at PredictionHealth, check out our openings here.

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Pedro and Ravi

Pedro and Ravi

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