TheraWest uses PT Practice Intel to yield quick improvements in both revenue per visit and compliance scores. 



TheraWest Physical Therapy is a three clinic practice with 13 providers. They have been serving the residents of western Oklahoma since 2005 on a foundation of quality patient care and using data to achieve stellar outcomes. Their founder Randy Jones jumped at the chance to implement PredictionHealth's PT Practice Intel and experienced immediate benefits for his business. 


Quick Results for the Bottom Line

In their first three months using the PT Practice Intel platform, Therawest was able to identify opportunities to improve their CPT coding breakdown across their team. Their use of TherAct and Neuro improved by 116% and 35% respectively, while the use of TherEx and Manual decreased by 19% and 12% respectively. 



These changes in charge breakdown yielded an amazing 15% increase in revenue per visit, more than justifying the cost of the PredictionHealth platform.


"PredictionHealth has proven to be a remarkably innovative and forward thinking ally, enabiling us to thrive in a rapidly evolving, technology-centric landscape. Their unique tool offers unparalleled, comprehensive, and unbiased insights into our teams performance - a capability I haven't encountered elsewhere."

- Randy Jones, founder of TheraWest


Concurrent Improvement In Compliance

In addition to improving their financials, Therawest utilizes PT Practice Intel to ensure their therapists are documenting compliantly. Since implementing the platform, they've seen a 35% improvement in compliance audit failure risk score, moving as an organization from a score of 57/100 ("Likely Audit Failure") to 77/100 in 6 months. 



Randy has been very satisfied with the insights he's received from PT Practice Intel. He was kind enough to allow us to share his success story so you can see what is possible for your clinic as well.

If you would like to see how PT Practice Intel can help your clinic in a similar way, click the link below and fill out the form so we can connect!

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