"PredictionHealth has made a significant difference in our practice and continually showcases its innovative prowess"



In the dynamic landscape of physical therapy, adherence to regulatory compliance and optimized revenue streams are pivotal for success. HIDEF Physical Therapy recognized this essential need and engaged the services of PredictionHealth’s AI analytics platform, Practice Intel, to enhance their operational efficiency and effectiveness. 

“Our experience has been great”, said practice owner Zach Smith. “We have seen improvements across the board with compliance and coding. The program offers transparency like I’ve never seen, and allows everyone to know exactly where they stand.”

Learn from the best

PredictionHealth’s “Detailed Provider Scores” table offers practice managers numerical scoring across the core components of compliance, allowing them to immediately understand which therapists are struggling or excelling and with which components. This has served as a valuable coaching tool for dozens of PreditionHealth clients, to educate therapists on how to make improvements. However, Zach cleverly took this a step further and synthesized a novel note template, using a concoction of the best of breed note components harnessed from various therapists. 

This master template served as a linchpin, encouraging uniformity and excellence in documentation from the entire group. Zach noticed a big uptick in his scoring right away. “Within just two months, my personal compliance score jumped by over 15 points (on a 100 point scale)”, said Zach. 

Rapid and Dramatic Improvement in CPT coding

Simultaneously, the physical therapists (PTs) at HIDEF were introduced to the CPT Insights feature, which can analyze and compare documentation versus the CPT code to give a prediction/suggestion of if that was the appropriate code to use or if there could/should have been a different code used. The PTs exhibited a swift adaptation to the insights provided by the tool, fostering an environment of self-correction and continuous improvement. 

“We had one therapist who was a new hire and coding all her exercises as 97110,” said Zach. “It was predicted that 75% of her coding was potentially incorrect. I showed her the stats versus the company average of 21% or so and she began correcting her coding the very next day.” 

Impact of Peer Benchmarking

The culture of peer benchmarking instilled a healthy competitive spirit among the PTs, encouraging them to steer clear of negative outlier statistics and adhere to the optimized practices. It brought to light the pathway for therapists to cultivate best practices, underpinned by reliable, objective data.

“Being able to compare yourself to your peers and benchmark between clinics is huge. People don't want to be outliers when it comes to negative stats.“ said Zach. Furthermore, those in any organization who show exemplary metrics can feel pride knowing they are at the top of the pack!  


PredictionHealth’s Practice Intel has been key in HIDEF Physical Therapy's journey to revitalized compliance scores and optimized coding practices. Through a culture of continuous improvement through AI-backed insights, the platform has elevated operational standards at HIDEF.

"PredictionHealth has made a significant difference in our practice and continually showcases its innovative prowess such as with “Ask AI” which is now serving as somewhat of an AI business analyst, said Zach. “As they unveil future features, I know the platform will seamlessly integrate even more into our therapists' daily routine, especially with real-time insights on the horizon. I'm eagerly anticipating their next advancements."


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